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Song for My Folks

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Patience and Harmony

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Carpet Ripper

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Episode 09 – Nineteen

The band's first song of 2012 is literally a decade in the making. And the boys got some Appalachian influence in their Christmas stockings. This song includes banjo, harmonica, slide guitar and accordion. Hope you enjoy!


Skin On

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Episode 07 – Skin On

Holy crap! The Band Practice makes a triumphant return after an unexpected sabbatical. During this episode the band reunites to show off the chops they developed during the interim. Skin On brings together some of the best we have to offer. Enjoy our new favorite song!

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Playing “The Band Practice” songs in your iTunes library

If you're enjoying the songs by The Band Practice in iTunes, you're probably doing so under your podcast category. If you want to move the songs from your podcasts to your music library there are two simple ways.

1. Right click on the song in iTunes (in your podcast category) and select "create AAC version". This will copy the file and recreate it in your music library as a music file.

2. Download the songs directly from the website and move them into the appropriate folder on your computer.

Thanks for listening! We appreciate any feedback you have to give.

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Live on iTunes!

The podcast is now live in the iTunes catalog!

You can subscribe there, and new songs and episodes will automatically download.  Also, be sure to rate the podcast for us (especially if you enjoy it).

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Download the Band Practice Podcast in iTunes

UPDATE:  The podcast is now live on iTunes, making it much easier to subscribe.

Soon you will be able to subscribe to the Band Practice podcast directly from iTunes. For now, if you would like iTunes to automatically download the podcast whenever there are updates, just follow these simple instructions.

1. Right click on the link titled "Podcast Feed" on the right side of your browser.

2. Select "Copy Link Location".

3. Open iTunes

4. Under the "Advanced" option on your menu bar select "Subscribe to Podcast"

5. Copy the link in the field titled "URL" and press OK

Voila. You are now a loyal subscriber to the Band Practice podcast. Be sure to check back at the website for regular updates and to download the free mp3s of the songs.


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Welcome to The Band Practice!

This is the official Band Practice website where we will post mp3s for download and maintain a blog recapping the latest podcast. Check back regularly for details.

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